Our Jet Ski Rental Season Begins Memorial Day Weekend 2021!

2021 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO

Our rental fleet consists of Yamaha's newest, largest, and most luxurious model ski, the Yamaha FX. Featuring a theatre style cruiser seat that fits three comfortably and an 1812cc engine capable of reaching speeds of over 60mph. The FX is also the most stable ski on the market today. Designed with luxury touring in mind, this craft is built on a light-weight, agile, and responsive hull.


Standard Rental

Price: $175 Per Ski

Duration: 1 Hour

Our riding area is the largest offered by any rental company on Lake Erie. At nearly 10 miles wide, you can experience the Lake Erie Coastline like never before. We do require that riders remain at least 300 feet from the shore at all times. 

Additionally, members of our staff on separate "chase skis" remain in the ride area for the duration of your rental period. Their job is to act as lifeguards should you need assistance getting back on your ski in the event of a fall, keep track of time remaining on your rental, and provide a line of communication back to shore. If you're a new or nervous rider, they will also continually train you for the duration of your rental period and ride nearby to provide you with support. 

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